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Jaxon's last day of  services in 2016

What Parents and Students are saying about Learning Boost


Jaxon as a high school freshman (2020)


From Jaxon's mom:

"I want to thank  you for helping Jaxon achieve what seemed to be impossible. He was way below his peers academically, teased about struggling in his work, and saw himself as a stupid person.  Desperate, we had Jax tested and found he was diagnosed with a learning disorder.  Our doctor told us "Jax has the potential to be brilliant.  He just needs to learn how to learn differently.

Your program, tutoring and guidance gave Jaxon the skills and confidence to do just that. Six months into your program our son was a different student.

Today, Jaxon is seen as one of the brightest in his class. He is taking advanced placement courses, was accepted in an exclusive arts program and has made the dean's list every year since  he enrolled in your program.  

Today my son knows he is bright because he can approach learning in a different way.

Thank you again from two very proud and appreciative parents.  


From the parent of a 3rd grader:

"She had an amazing first day of school and proudly said she could read the activity sheet which made her so happy."



"Laura has worked patiently with (my son) and provided encouragement for him to gather his thoughts to be able to put them down on paper. She has made each tutoring session a fun experience while building his language and technical skills. Thanks so much!"


Parent of a 6th grader


"Just wanted to say how wonderful Olivia is and what a great asset she has been already! ."  


Parent of a 7th grader using our "online support days" on day #1

"We were provided with additional tools – take-home sight words and short books, as well as access to a computer application – they were very helpful in supporting tutoring."


Parent of a 5th grader

From Alex's mom on his last day of tutoring:


"Thank you for all of your hard word in helping him be successful!  I can not express the gratitude I feel!"


“My daughter loves going to tutoring.”


Parent of a 3rd grader

“You have been the best thing to ever happen to my daughter. You have no idea. You have advocated for her, helped calm my nerves (and hers), taught her so many tricks, and made her feel like she CAN do this. Before it was always like well maybe she just can't do it. But, since coming to you she's realized she can."


Parent of a 5th grader

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