At Learning Boost our goal is to help all students find success. We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of all our students.  We're committed to learning best practices through professional development, book studies and conference attendance. 




We provide customized, one-on-one tutoring instruction in a variety of subject areas including reading, math, test preparation, and organizational skills. Students participate in fun, interactive activities in order to teach or re-teach difficult concepts. Our teachers provide individual instruction based on the student’s specific needs.


Time Management & Organization Training 


Online Learning Support

Executive functioning skills are key to learning and thriving. People with weaknesses in this area may seem forgetful, inflexible and lacking in self-control. They often have trouble with time management, organization and meeting deadlines.

We offer a 9 week course called Seeing My Time® for children (5th grade and up), as well as adults. The course can be offered individually or in groups.

Does your student need help getting started on assignments?  What about turning them in and making sure they are complete?  We now offer support for students doing online learning. We'll do periodic check-ins with the student and help with organizing and prioritizing their assignments.  In addition, we'll monitor their assignment completion in the student's grade book application.  


Lexercise Dyslexia Therapy 

Lexercise is research-based evaluation and treatment for dyslexia. As trained clinicians, we use the Lexercise curriculum and best-practice methods. It's available in-person or online on a weekly basis. After each session, you and your child will be given a personalized practice plan including daily games, structured reading activities, and fluency stories. Partnership and practice are key to success with this program. 

Reading Plus

Comprehension Program

Reading Plus.jpeg

The ultimate goal of learning to read is comprehension.  Once students reach about 3rd grade, the goal of reading has typically turned from “learning to read” to “reading to learn”.  Students are expected to read material silently and understand the content. 


The Reading Plus program caters to students in grade 3 and up.  It adjusts the reading and comprehension difficulty to the individual needs of the student.  Following an initial assessment, students read stories and articles based on their reading level and their choice. We track student progress and build individualized lessons for each student based on their specific needs. If a student needs work on understanding the author’s purpose, our teachers can work specifically on that skill. If it's trouble finding the main idea of a passage, then we work on that skill. This program also works on building vocabulary and making connections between reading and writing.