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Gift ideas to help struggling readers

"How can I help my struggling reader at home?” is a question we hear a lot.

It’s all about phonemic awareness! What’s that?

Phonemic awareness is all about sounds. It’s the ability to separate words into individual sounds and blend individual sounds into words. When students learn to manipulate the sounds in words by adding, subtracting or changing individual sounds, they become better readers. When they learn to count sounds and syllables, and when they hear rhyming, they become better readers.

So here are some fun ideas that promote phonemic awareness. Adding a game as a holiday gift will provide fun and learning during the holiday season.

Can Do! Reading Game

Players listen for the beginning, middle and ending sounds of individual words. They say the name of a picture and then try to find a word that has the same sound. No reading required! Just listen and match the sounds while also building the all-important skill of phonemic awareness.

I Spy a Mouse in the House Picture Rhymes

Players look for rhyming objects in the house while collecting cards to win the game. The game also builds vocabulary skills.

Syllable Family Engagement Pack

This pack is ready to go and provides lot of practice for counting syllables.

Enjoy some family time this holiday while your child learns crucial reading skills!

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